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The Mu is back!

Vintage: Mu-Tron III

The Original Mu-Tron III is out of production since 1980.
The newly developed Mu-Tron 3X by Mu-FX / Beigel Sound Lab is in!

Michael (Mike) L. Beigel, the original developer of the historic Musitronics products now presents the new Mu-Tron 3X, which is designed, developed and manufactured by Beigel Sound Lab.

Based on the Original Mu-Tron 3, the best envelope filter ever, the newly developed Mu-Tron 3X includes the original Mu-Mojo sounds and effects and additional features (X for extended), which in total surpasses Mike’s previous Mu-product designs.

The product is sold by Beigel Sound Lab in North and South America, Asia and Australia, and sold by A.T. Music Electronix exclusively in Europe. The company also services the product and provides technical support on all matters.

Vintage: Mu-Tron III

The limited edition - a hand-signed unit from Mike Beigel and a special introductory T-Shirt with Mike’s slogan “The Mu is back!” is sold out!

Mu-Tron3X Limited Set

Unfortunately, also no single units are available anymore!

Attention: The brands Mu-tron™ and Mutron™ are registered trademarks for Europe, owned by Mike Beigel and exclusively used by A.T. Music Electronix for sale and distribution in Europe. The products sold by A.T. Music Electronix are the exact equivalent to the Tru-tron™ products developed and sold by Michael L. Beigel, the original inventor of the Musitronics Corp. (1972, New Jersey USA) Mu-tron products from the 70s and 80s. Any questions related to this subject please address to A.T. Music Electronix only.

Mu-Tron3X details

MU-FX Mu-Tron3X - Analogue Envelope Filter for guitar, bass and line level signals.
Mike Beigel, designer of the original Musitronics products now presents the newly developed Beigel Sound Labs Mu-Tron3X! The search for an original, used Mu-Tron III vintage unit is over now, because this new product has the authentic sound and response of the original product and beyond of that the new Mu-Tron3X enables whole new sonic worlds.

The Mu Is Back!
Based on the legendary Musitronics Mu-Tron III the new Mu-Tron3X goes a big step further and offers completely new possibilities. The effects unit allows both, classic auto-wah sounds for guitar and bass in the quality of its famous predecessor as well as versatile filter sounds up to strongly distorted sounds for the modern electronic music. The envelope follower works frequency- and level dependent, thus follows independently the injected signal which always results in musical tact. This pays off, if you i.e. feed a drum loop through the filter and use the controls for tonal changes in real time. The Mu-Tron always works tight and leaves a lot of room for creative possibilities.
In the filter section a new MIX function has been added, which enables an optimized mixture of the dry and the filtered signal. On top, three different colored multi-function LEDs indicate additional information from afar. However, the main novelty is the new pre-amp circuitry and a widely expanded control range, which offer a complete range of new applications. The Mu-Tron3X opens the possibilities to be used in different modes: as a classic Mu-Tron III or as modern envelope filter with pre-amp function.

Packaged in an ultra-stable, compact steel casing the new Mu-Tron3X is absolutely suitable for the stage and also offers a genuine True-Bypass function. It works with instrument levels like guitar or bass and also normal line level signals e.g. from a drum machine or synthesizer.

• typical auto-wah sounds for all classical music styles, from funk to jazz etc.
• modern electronic music styles from house to techno
• very suitable for any style drum loops
• experimental electronic music

  • Envelope filter based on the ORIGINAL Musitronics Mu-Tron III
  • 100 % analogue with the real MU-Tron MOJO circuit
  • Stompbox effects unit for guitar, bass and line level (eg synthesizers, drum machines, etc.)
  • produces classic auto-wah sounds up to distorted filter-swoops
  • NEW: 2 sections: original MU-mode or new Pre-Amp mode with MU <> PRE toggle switch
  • Mu filter control range switch (hi/low)
  • NEW: preamp with "Envelope Drive" switch (up/down)
  • Mu control (control range: 1-10)
  • NEW: Pre control (extended control range: 1-11)
  • NEW: Peak Control (extended control range: 1-11)
  • 4 switchable filter modes: low-pass, band-pass, high-pass and mix
  • 2 overload status leds (envelope saturation and audio clipping )
  • 1 status LED for power and effect on/off
  • NEW: True Bypass footswitch
  • Connections: Audio in/out (6.3mm jack), input for external 12V AC power supply (included with the 3X)
  • NEW: extremely sturdy and compact heavy duty steel casing
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.8 x 11 x 6.8 cm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg

EU-Modell Mu-Tron3X

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